//High Force Research launches new services!

High Force Research launches new services!

High Force Research, is expanding its services with the addition of Orphan Drug Manufacture, Diagnostics and Imaging. 

In addition to our existing services supporting the development, synthesis and scale up of new materials for use by researchers in the fine chemicals, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and printed electronics industries, we are also now offering:

  • Orphan drug manufacture: Building on our track-record of offering development and scale-up services for the pharmaceutical industry, High Force Research is providing orphan drug manufacture for the treatment of rare diseases. Our facilities include two segregated ISO Class 8 laboratories in which multi-stage synthesis to cGMP standards is carried out. Each facility operates at a 30 litre scale, typically enabling production in batches of up to multi kilo quantities
  • Diagnostics: Using our ‘traceable manufacture’ process , the principles of which are firmly based on GMP manufacture, High Force Research is able to assist in the development of reagents ­for Life Science research, point-of-care testing devices and high-throughput analysers for hospitals and commercial diagnostics laboratories
  • Imaging – with extensive expertise in the synthesis and development of fluorescent molecules for use as cell-specific imaging agents, High Force Research has developed a range of novel fluorescent retinoids in collaboration with Durham University. Based on the natural retinoid ATRA (All-Trans Retinoic Acid) the fluorescent retinoids are stable and also intrinsically fluorescent enabling them to be used as a visual probe

The launch of the new services coincided with our celebrating 21 years at our Bowburn base.  Founded in 1988, High Force Research was originally based at the Mountjoy Research Centre on the Durham University campus, before relocating to our present location in Bowburn on the outskirts of Durham in 1996.

Commenting on the launch of the new services, High Force Research’s Dr Roy Valentine said, “We’re really proud to be marking such a significant milestone in our company’s history. Since we were founded in 1988, High Force Research has grown to become one of the UKs most successful independent chemical research and development companies, and our Bowburn site has been integral to that growth.

“Over the last eighteen months we’ve seen significant growth in our business both in the UK and internationally and – from universities to multinational corporations and specialist discovery, virtual and biotech companies. As pharmaceutical, biotech and fine chemical industries increasingly look to out-source a number of their activities, we want to make sure we’re well placed respond to their new business needs and we’re confident that our new services, which are already proving popular, will not only enable us to offer complementary services to our existing clients but also open new doors for us in terms of business growth.”

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