Working With Us

Quality chemical synthesis delivered by independent CRO High Force Research

We see ourselves as your partner. This means we will work openly with you on all we do. From proposal creation, to delivery of product and compliance procedures, we will ensure you are always fully informed and fully in control.

On Time & On Budget
Our consistent and reliable ability to deliver against the proposal keeps our clients coming back again and again. When we agree timetables and budgets with you, rest assured… we will make our best endeavours to deliver.

We not only comply with, but also aim to exceed the various stipulated quality standards.

We are regularly inspected by the MHRA and much of our work is carried out in full compliance with the principals and guidelines of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Client confidentiality is essential. All work is carried out under the strictest confidentiality and, unless we are entering into a Joint Venture Agreement, all developed intellectual property will remain the sole property of you our client.

“High Force Research have consistently delivered high quality API for IND-enabling toxicology studies and early phase¬†clinical trials on time and in a cost-effective manner.”