Organic and Chemical R&D

Whatever your research and development requirements are, we at High Force Research are equipped to help you.

R&D can be carried out on milligram to kilo scale with an ability to handle most raw materials. Where appropriate we use dedicated glassware to ensure no possibility of cross contamination and we are happy to assign dedicated laboratories, chemists and technicians to given projects furthering the robustness of our work.

Our 1,100sqm facility at Durham contains more than 30 fume hoods as well as dedicated walk in facilities for corrosive chemistry and pressure reactions.

At our new Wilton facility we have two laboratories kitted out with an extensive and expanding range of equipment dedicated to new research projects that we wish to undertake.

We have experience in a wealth of chemistries, with particular expertise in challenging synthesis in: Nucleotides and Carbohydrates; Polymers and Performance Materials.