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Process Development

Process Development

Chemical Process Development is the collaborative arrangement where we will work with you on a given process and look to optimize it to the scale required for the next stage of your product development process.

Our background within industry means we have a solid appreciation of the need for high quality standards combined with a wide understanding of manufacturing practises and processes, so you can be sure that what we develop will be fit for purpose.

Key objectives are normally to increase yields, throughout, to make the process scalable, robust, reproducible, and safe.

By eliminating expensive reagents we aim to reduce the costs of your process. Wherever possible we will try to eliminate toxic reagents, avoid chromatography and minimise waste.

If your work requires changes in the required reactants, or conditions of reaction, then this and its implications will always be fully discussed with you before implementation.

Should a process develop to such a stage that it becomes outside the scale of High Force Research’s capabilities then we will recommend and introduce you to suitable companies that could develop or take your process on to the next stage.

“High Force Research have improved our original laboratory scale method (microgram scale) considerably, such that the process is now more efficient and suitable for manufacture at multi-gram scale.”